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DPRG: axles

Subject: DPRG: axles
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Wed Mar 17 22:17:50 CST 1999

Can someone recommend a good way to mount a metal axle to a wooden
frame? I built a sturdy frame (17cm by 26cm) out of .75cm x .75cm spruce
(X-Acto mitre boxes and razor saws rule!) I got a large gearhead motor
>from Tanner (I *REALLY* need to keep myself away from that store!) and
filched some plastic gears from a science project kit. The wheels now
turn with enough torque to drive this thing straight up a wall - if the
axles would stay on! Superglue isn't doing the trick (It's a smooth
brass rod with square brass bushings). The bushings stay put for a while
but now there's so much cyanoacrylate residue that they just fall off.
The motor could probably break the axle off even if the superglue joint
was solid, so I need another solution. I'm sure someone else has done
this; what did you use?

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