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DPRG: Nestea Walker at the Atlanta Hobby Club

Subject: DPRG: Nestea Walker at the Atlanta Hobby Club
From: Calvin Grier cgrier at ix.netcom.com
Date: Thu Mar 18 16:00:27 CST 1999

Actually Alan, Nestea's toes and ankle are rigid - or at least as rigid as
I can make them.

When walking the robot throws its weight forward and falls onto the
outstretched leg. The foot is wide enough to keep the robot from continuing
the plunge forward. It's a little bit like a standing floor lamp: it is
stable when close to vertical and can even tolerate some disturbances.
However you don't want to push it off balance too far.

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Calvin Grier wrote:
... I asserted that one would need "active" ankles to make it work.
> (Needless to say I eventually proved myself wrong.)

Actually not 'active' toes, but passive spring toes instead of an ankle.

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