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DPRG: axles

Subject: DPRG: axles
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Thu Mar 18 16:58:48 CST 1999

Problem solved. I used an X-Acto mitre box and razor saw to make a block of
wood to fit over the bushing, then used white glue and a vise grip to attach it
to the frame (is this what you mean in #3?)

- -Reeves

Ed Koffeman wrote:

> >brass rod with square brass bushings). The bushings stay put for a while
> Solder the bushings (if they are really brass) to a piece of copper or
> galvanized steel and mount it with screws.
> Otherwise, use a small U bolt or two for each bushing going across, and
> through the wood.
> Or make a clamp from wood with a cut-out the size of the bushing to clamp it
> to the chassis with screws or bolts.
> Ed Koffeman

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