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DPRG: Robot Lunch Report

Subject: DPRG: Robot Lunch Report
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Thu Mar 18 20:09:03 CST 1999

We had about 8 DPRGers at the lunch at Collin Creek mall food court
We had a visitor, Amear. (Sorry about the spelling) We converted into a
new member. We had him do push ups and clean the table and all the
normal robot club hazing stuff (joke).  He works at Alcatel Plano
There were NO robots in attendance. Bummer!

Barry brought his worm to spur gear for his CNC controlled rotary table
he is making.

Ralph brought info on a low cutout power regulator, LM 2931. You know,
make 6 volts 5 volts regulated with lots of protection. Just 100 ma out
but that's a lot anymore. Tanner's has um. Leave some for me OK?

Jeff Koening brought his pocket protector and "measuring stick"

Ed Rivers was peddling the old videos of the robot contest. New videos

Alan Braden educated us on PC virus/worms vs real viruses and worms(ugh!
and ouch!)

Amear wants to "build a robot kit" as the way to learn about robotics.
Why didn't we think of  that? I'm re-iventing all the "wheels". Think
I'll hang close to the new guy!

Kip is at a show collecting "goodies"
Jim Brown was talked about (favorable stuff Jim) but not there
Eric Yundt was to have his "Dogbot: (Dogbert's bro?) walking today or
buy us all (?) lunch. Guess why he wasn't there! It's OK Eric. You can
come anyway remember
>>>>> It's harder than it looks!<<<<<

Robert JOrdan
1999 DPRG Sec.


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