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DPRG: Robot Lunch Report

Subject: DPRG: Robot Lunch Report
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Fri Mar 19 02:32:58 CST 1999


Robert L. Jordan wrote:
> Eric Yundt was to have his "Dogbot: (Dogbert's bro?) walking today or
> buy us all (?) lunch. Guess why he wasn't there! It's OK Eric. You can
> come anyway remember
> >>>>> It's harder than it looks!<<<<<

Hey!  I think I put some appropriate disclaimers in that quip about
buying _Barry's_ lunch!  Anyhow, I'm up in Las Vegas right now touting
the virtues of FacetWin's PC-to-UNIX connectivity -- plus trying to 
see how long I can make a $20 bill last in the slot machines.  I
quickly figured out that I can get my cost per "free" beer down pretty
low if I feed the machines slowly...  Anyhow #2, didn't you already
see the new "video" of YaTu4b walking on my webpage???


For now I decided to just go with a single-legged walker -- that would
be the hot pink line hopping around in the pictures...

I should be back in town Saturday and plan to pick up where I left
off before the contest.  Until then you and you brother will have
to buy your own lunch!

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