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DPRG: Low-power motors

Subject: DPRG: Low-power motors
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Sat Mar 20 18:05:42 CST 1999

I think it might be fun to build a tiny robot based on super caps (I
noticed Panasonic has a 3.3F capacitor). The little camera rewinder
motors I've seen at Tanner and elsewhere run from a .2F NEC capacitor
for a few seconds but I'd need more like a minute to do anything useful.
The microcontroller doesn't use much at all (a PIC16C84 can flash 4
LED's on the .2F cap for several minutes). Are there any suitable motors
out there that don't use much current but put out enough torque to push
a bot?

BTW this PIC is somehow driving LED's on less than 2V... I didn't think
it could do that. The LED's are a bit dim but the PIC is still running.

- -Reeves

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