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DPRG: Robot Lunch Report

Subject: DPRG: Robot Lunch Report
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Sun Mar 21 16:18:28 CST 1999

Jim Brown wrote:
> I guess I'll wait until next week and take eric up on that free
> lunch!  Is he really in Lost Fake-us?  If you haven't seen his
> first he ever made animated gif of his walking leg, ya gotta see
> it.  It's awesome.  He created it one frame at a time using of
> all things PC Paintbrush.  It looks like something that came out
> of autocad.  He probably burned all of his dogbot robot building
> time on the animated gif.  But I guess I'll let that sleeping
> dog lie?  :>

I'm glad you liked it!  I never found the cheap-o CAD package I was
looking for and so just started drawing some leg positions with the
Windows Paint program.  Pretty soon I had a nice set of leg pieces
drawn and it was just a matter of holding a protractor up to my
computer screen and then copy & paste, copy & paste.  I converted
all the BMP files to GIF and then used the Gif Construction Set
to pull them together as frames of an animated GIF image.

I gave up trying to make my JavaScript backwards enough for IE 3.0
so if you're using that for a browser you can probalby get to that
animated GIF of YaTu4b's leg-lines with:


The way I figure it, I owe the wife a couple of days and then the
rest of the next two weeks are for making YaTu4b walk.  I still
think Barry will be buying my Bueno Chilada versus vice versa.  ;-)>

I put some images of my Las Vegas adventure on an external web-
server so my mother could see them and also as setup for my latest
"why YaTu4b doesn't walk yet" excuse.  Warning: this was really
a webpage I made for our Intranet and I didn't bother optimizing
the images.  There are probably 60 JPEGs at about 20-60K each.
Most of them are boring trade-show pictures.  Be warned!


> I think when I make a walking robot, I'll call it the "dead horse",
> and I'd tell you why, but you'll figure it out when contest time
> comes.  And don't ask, where is it, or are you running it in this
> contest ya know, because you wouldn't want to beat a...
> ugg.  If only I could find the time.

Hmmm... if Jim's new Robot is nicely metallic looking, I'll take
that one step further by saying that you can't beat a dead horse of
a different color.  <gag>

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