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DPRG: Low-power motors-High Farad Caps

Subject: DPRG: Low-power motors-High Farad Caps
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sun Mar 21 21:02:04 CST 1999


I have built a robot "platform" based on two of the "caterpillar" type
Matchbox XV (eXtreme Vehicles) They are available from Target, etc. for
about $10 each. They have a large capacitor in them with motor, gears, and
solid rear axle. You put one of their charging bases that housed 4.5 volts
(3 AA batteries) against the bottom of the standard car. I spin the wheels
up to speed for about 15 seconds, put on floor,  and ir runs wildly around
the room for about 20 seconds and then drains itself slowly to a stop
totaling about 30-45 seconds of run time.

My thought is the two cars side buy side with the inside wheels and track
removed leaves a "caterpillar" tracked type vehicle I can stir with just the
two motors. I hacked the motor, the cap, and the charging contacts apart so
I can use the caps to hold a charge for the power system and drive the
motors as well as hopefully drive a BS2 and later a 16F84 mpu system. It
gives the electronics a somewhat bumpy ride on the tracks but is still a
great show car for table top robot training and demonstrations.

I call this category of  my robots "Pocket 'Bots" as I can carry it hidden
in a large pocket and give a demo on a moments notice!.

I call it a C.A.T. -XV Robot for  Capacitor Assisted Toy - eXtreme Vehicle.
I'll have pictures of it in a couple of weeks on my new web site, hopefully!

Ralph Tenny is designing and building a small SOC HBridge I plan on using in
it and in my "Ban Roll-on Robot". It uses Ban roll on balls for wheels and
will be a line follower "Pocket 'Bot".

Best Regards
Robert Jordan

J. Reeves Hall wrote:

> I think it might be fun to build a tiny robot based on super caps (I
> noticed Panasonic has a 3.3F capacitor). The little camera rewinder
> motors I've seen at Tanner and elsewhere run from a .2F NEC capacitor
> for a few seconds but I'd need more like a minute to do anything useful.
> The microcontroller doesn't use much at all (a PIC16C84 can flash 4
> LED's on the .2F cap for several minutes). Are there any suitable motors
> out there that don't use much current but put out enough torque to push
> a bot?
> BTW this PIC is somehow driving LED's on less than 2V... I didn't think
> it could do that. The LED's are a bit dim but the PIC is still running.
> Thanks!
> -Reeves
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