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DPRG: Sharp IR detectors

Subject: DPRG: Sharp IR detectors
From: Robert endigo at metronet.com
Date: Mon Mar 22 07:09:00 CST 1999

Yes you can use a pic. You can find code for it on the DPRG page and a new
and imporoved version at http://www.verinet.com/%7Edlc/botlinks.htm where
someone has taken the DPRG IRPD and made some improements.

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On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, J. Reeves Hall wrote:

> I grabbed a Sharp IR detector from Rat Shack the other day... Do I need
> a 555 timer to get the 40 KHz, or can I drive it off a PIC pin? The
> PIC is running at 4 MHz. The code wouldn't be too tricky at all, and I
> intend to use a separate PIC for the IR sensors (which will be polled in
> sequence), but would the PIC be able to generate 40 KHz reliably?
> Thanks!
> -Reeves
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