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DPRG: Next DPRG meeting.

Subject: DPRG: Next DPRG meeting.
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Mon Mar 22 09:54:22 CST 1999

At the last meeting/contest I said I was bringing my
firefighting maze to the next meeting.  It looks as if
that won't happen for two reasons:

1) (Lame-o excuse) I don't think DrilBert will be ready
  by then and I'd rather spend the time getting it ready
  for the contest.

2) (The "real" reason) My wife informed me that the 
  first weekend in April was Easter weekend and there
  is NO WAY, I can go to Dallas for the weekend.

Sorry if anyone was planning on using my maze.  I had good 
intentions.  Living roughly 4 hours away makes it tough.

Perhaps we could add a firefighting event to the fall
contest.  That might be long enough time to get clearance
>from the boss.  ( = wife.)  :-)

				- Dan Miner


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