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DPRG: Club Discounts

Subject: DPRG: Club Discounts
From: James Vroman vroman at tech-tools.com
Date: Mon Mar 22 09:59:00 CST 1999

I have been talking to Scott Edwards about a discount and he has granted
us what I feel is a great deal. Below is his reply to me. 

>Thought about the DPRG discount thing, and here's what I can do: I don't
>like the idea of an across-the-board discount, because different products
>have different margins, and some aren't really applicable to the 'robotics'
>category. However, our Mini SSC II (SSC-ASD2) is right up your alley. So I
>hereby declare a DPRG club price of 29.00 for this item (35% off the
>regular price of 44.00). 
>The only restrictions would be that this price is for personal use only,
>and can only be accessed by regular phone order with a credit card. (Our
>primitive online system has no provision for special discounts--we need a
>human in the loop to recognize the special deal.) Use part number
>SSC-ASD2-DPRG when ordering. 
>I'll send along a couple of club samples when the dust settles here. 
>Scott Edwards Electronics, Inc. 
>1939 S. Frontage Rd. Suite F
>Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
>ph: 520-459-4802  fax: 520-459-0623
>www.seetron.com  info at seetron.com

James Vroman - TechTools
EMAIL: vroman at tech-tools.com
FAX: (972)494-5814


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