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DPRG: Leonardo da Vinci & Dogbot

Subject: DPRG: Leonardo da Vinci & Dogbot
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Mon Mar 22 14:46:47 CST 1999

Eric and fellow Leos,

I think Leo had some social respect and peer pressure to achieve "more".
Team work, even competetive, presses the individual on to more than you
would normally achieve.

To be allowed to stand on anothers shoulders (work) and to debate with
hands on demonstartable principles results in milestones no one cares to
re invent or waste time on.

Talking is easy , discussing requries energy, thinking is reserved for
those that preserver with the efforts, and thought out discover with
purpose, direction, and clear communication is reserved for those of us
foolish enough to ignore most of the feedback "normal people'' give us.

The formula for being a Leo. is not often found or created. At best it
is a well kept
secret among those of us that have some of that formula, to protect its

Besides, I don't have any rich female that emotionally or with vision
bestows food clothing, and shelter on me so I may realize some dreams. I
really think the female input is needed to develope man's best
abilities. Sociaty will continue to debate that part of the formula long
after I'm gone, I'm sure:-)

Good luck with "dogbert' or is it dog-bot?!!
Let me know if you think I may help. It would feed my inventiveness as

Best Regards
Robert "Leo" Jordan
- -------------------
Eric Yundt wrote:

> Robert L. Jordan wrote:
> >
> > Eric,
> >
> > Great Leonardo DeVinchi drawing style!
> Thanks!  I have always been inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.
> It is really amazing to me all the wondrous things great
> inventors of the past have come up with.  They had none of
> the modern conveniences that we think we can hardly do
> without and none the the hindsight we have based upon their
> foresight.  I'm sure they were all very smart and clever,
> but perhaps not more so that we are.  Did they just have
> more time?  Well give or take a few leap-seconds, they had
> the same 24 hours a day that we do.
> Perhaps after I have a few more patents under my belt I
> can say I know their secret.  Until then any ideas?
> >
> > Do you know yet if you have to make the "tummy" counter balance
> > on each step?
> I'm boldly assuming that I won't need to do that, although
> I still keep that idea tucked away nearby, ready to pull it
> out if needed.  I should know at some point over the next
> two weeks or your brother Barry gets a free lunch!  ;-)>
> --
> Eric


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