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DPRG: super caps

Subject: DPRG: super caps
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Mon Mar 22 14:50:17 CST 1999


Jeff Koenig got some samples via his companies work but they sell for like
$26 each for 8 Farad.

I don't what value they are but I decided on junking the Matchbopx XVcars
for the caps. they are about 1/2 inch by one inch and will drive a motor,
gears, car, wheels, and cat like tracks a long time on a 4.5 volt charge.
Motor must be a 3 volt motor.
If you like I'll estimate the capacitor Farads.

Let me know if you find a source.

Robert JOrdan

J. Reeves Hall wrote:

> What's the biggest super cap I can hope to find? Tanner only had a
> 220000 uF one and Digikey had a 3F (very expensive though). I figure
> I'll need 10F or so to make a working bot with any functionality... I
> guess I could resort to connecting several together (parallel, right?)
> but size is a concern...
> Thanks!
> -Reeves
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