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DPRG: Northern reply

Subject: DPRG: Northern reply
From: Mark Griebel mgriebel at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Mar 23 13:13:29 CST 1999

- ---Jeremy Hinkle <jchinkle at optelnow.net> wrote:
>     I look forward to your input and conversations,
>where I come from (Minnesota) they don't even now
>what robots are yet.

     SAY NOW, carefull what you say. After you've been in Texas for a
while and start to miss all the snow and cold and decide to come back
for a visit, we might not let you back in. :^)
    I don't know what part of Minnesota you left, but the Twin Cities
Robotic Club has been aroung for quite a while now.


   Were no DPRG, but were growing. Well, back to work on that
autonomous snow blower.
- -mark-
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