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DPRG: Barry's house ?

Subject: DPRG: Barry's house ?
From: barry jordan barry_jordan at email.msn.com
Date: Tue Mar 23 17:08:26 CST 1999

>Bill James:
>Could someone give the address and phone number of barry's new house. I did
>a search through my email and came up with nada.

A reposting of the direction to my home:

Travel east on Interstate 30 from Loop 635.
Exit 67A (Horizon Rd.) and turn Right.
First light you come to is 740, turn right.(South)
>From the light to the dead end into a "Tee" is 2.2 miles.
At the "Tee" turn left. you are still on 740.
>From the "Tee" go 0.6 miles and turn left on Los Lomas.
At first street Loma Vista turn right.
Turn 270 degrees onto Tatum Place, we are the second house on the right.

542 Tatum Place
Heath, TX 75032

Barry Jordan
Happy Trails To You


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