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DPRG: Basic Stamps

Subject: DPRG: Basic Stamps
From: chaz128 at juno.com chaz128 at juno.com
Date: Thu Mar 25 18:09:39 CST 1999

>>   Jim,       My name is Jeremy Hinkle, I just moved here  from 
>>and am a Technical Software Developer for Lennox  Industries.         
> I
>>have searched over 20 places already and have come up empty  handed.  
>>Thank you very much for your time and  advise.       Jeremy Hinkle    
>>jchinkle at optelnow.net   

	Is that the Lennox Industries that has to do with
& heating? I work for E-Z Filter Base Mfg. We do a lot of buisness with

			Charlie Y.

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