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DPRG: efi332 and Mcore

Subject: DPRG: efi332 and Mcore
From: Brad Garton bgart at iadfw.net
Date: Mon Mar 29 19:02:28 CST 1999

I recently took part in a group buy of the efi332 board. This board is
meant to be used for controlling fuel injection etc. on home-built hot
rods. It is based on the motorola 68332. It is very similar to the
68340 I was using but has a more intricate timer unit for motor
The board and part ended up costing $80.00. Good deal!
I also have run into a friend of mine who is working for Motorola
supporting the Mcore. I am becoming very interested in this part. So
far I have not found a good development board. If anyone knows of a
cheapo board I'm all ears. Motorola's cheapest system is ~300.00
Now if I could just find a few free weekends to play with all these



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