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DPRG: Sharp Sensor Price Drop

Subject: DPRG: Sharp Sensor Price Drop
From: Mark Hillier Mark at hvwtech.com
Date: Tue Mar 30 14:01:06 CST 1999

Due to increased volumes and some fancy footwork, HVW 
Technologies is pleased to announce that the Infra-Red Object 
Detection System (IRODS (GP2D05)) and Digital Infra-Red 
Rangefinding System (DIRRS(GP2D02)) kits are now available in 4-

We found that many customers were buying 4 or more sensors for 
their robots. This meant they got 4 packages, 4 sets of instructions 
etc. By offering a 4-PAK, we can offer our customers better pricing 
and streamline the whole process.

IRODS 4-PAK: $95 CDN (approx. $62 US)
DIRRS 4-PAK: $115 CDN (approx. $75 US)

We hope that bot-builders will find this helpful.

Mark Hillier
President, HVW Technologies
Mark at HVWTech.com
Tel:(403)730-8603 Fax:(403)730-8903
Visit our web site: http://www.hvwtech.com


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