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DPRG: Furby Y2K

Subject: DPRG: Furby Y2K
From: Eaejrphd at aol.com Eaejrphd at aol.com
Date: Tue Mar 30 14:27:53 CST 1999

These furballs seem to be able to communicate best when they are facing each
other about 6 to 8 inches apart.  A normal ambient light level seems to also
make a difference.  I started with two Furby's each with their own name and
identity.  Now are they have been talking a while (about an hour total over a
few days) they both have the same name and personality.  Tiger states that is
a possibility.

I called Tiger's customer service line and was asking questions.  It seems
there are a lot of Furby's being returned due to defect.  They are dying
early.  Tiger stated that the useful life (calculated from accelerated life
testing) is in excess of 100 years.

The other interesting fact is that batteries only last for 15 hours of actual
play time.  I measured the current consumption on all my (4) Furby's.  When
asleep they draw 8 - 10 microamps, when awake and idle they draw 15 - 20
milliamps, when they are talking and moving they draw a nominal 350 - 400
milliamps.  The peak was about 550 milliamps.  At that rate 4 "AA" cells won't
last long.  I wonder why they didn't use rechargeables and a wall wart?  Tiger
recommends Duracells on the box and in the manual, maybe they are getting a
kick back?

Anyone on this list work at TI?  I seems that the voice processor is a
MSP50C04 LPC dsp chip.  Any one know if this is true?  The CPU is made by a TW
firm called Sunplus.



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