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DPRG: Meeting date change

Subject: DPRG: Meeting date change
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Wed Mar 31 11:47:59 CST 1999


C. Barry Ward wrote:
> Dear Clay,
>             Color me disappointed.  I scheduled a trip to Dallas to coincide
> with your meeting,  based on e-mail with Jim Brown several week ago.  I had
> hoped to chat with you about several club related topics, and meet your
> members.
> I'll be in Dallas for the weekend if anyone would like to have coffee and
> chat.

The 1st Saturday Sidewalk Sale stops for nothing!  It's a pretty good
sized Computer/Electronics/Junk/Hamfest-type flea-market atmosphere
that covers a bunch of parking lots in downtown Dallas the 1st Saturday
of every month.  You'll find a bunch of us Robotics types listlessly
searching there for that elusive idea-inspiring old part.


There usually are several DPRG guys down there and often a few of us
will meet at a designated point/time to chat and show off our finds.
There are sit-down places to get coffee, doughnuts, and the occasional
bratwurst.  I'm planning to try to make it down there around 9:00-sh
and would enjoy meeting you there or somewhere else.  For that matter
if anyone north of downtown needs a ride or wants to carpool to the
sale just let me know, as I travel in from the Great White North
(The Colony) I'd be glad to swing by pick you up.

> C. Barry  Ward, President, Atlanta Hobby Robot Club
> cbward at idea-vision.com
> Home office # 770-663-3420
> Atlanta Hobby Robot Club
> http://www.botlanta.org
> (check out the 3/5/99 Web Page Update!)

To avoid short-notice scheduling changes, I think we can plan ahead
as Dan suggested and come up with a suitable calendar chiseled in
mud that will help avoid this kind of confusion.  We can coordinate
things with the Metalheads and Alan to generate a meeting schedule
for at least several months/years in advance I would think.

> ><8 snip Due to the Easter weekend, our monthly meeting has
> >been rescheduled. The meeting will NOT be First
> >Saturday Apr 3rd.
> >

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