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DPRG: Meeting date change

Subject: DPRG: Meeting date change
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Wed Mar 31 13:45:31 CST 1999

Jim Brown wrote:
> > The 1st Saturday Sidewalk Sale stops for nothing!  It's a pretty good
> > sized Computer/Electronics/Junk/Hamfest-type flea-market atmosphere
> > that covers a bunch of parking lots in downtown Dallas...
> Well, I guess the SuperSaturday sale IS more compelling, and if I
> could carpool and save the $4 parking charge, that would be even
> more compelling.  Would ya be willing to get me?

Sure, I'd love the company.  I needed to test YaTu4b's interstate
navigation abilities anyway  -- I haven't tried getting him to walk
(or run!) at the posted 45 MPH minimum speed limit yet.  Hmmm...
I'll probably need fresh NiCads for this.  Anybody know what kind of
power those "Runaway" high-speed road Robots were using?

Does anyone have a favorite time to meet by the original food shack
place on SW corner of Ross & almost Central?  Or some better place
to meet?  If picking up Jim at 8:00 to 8:30-ish works for Jim we
can be down there 8:30 to 9:00-ish.  I'd be up for 1st Saturday
sale, a tour of the scrap metal place w/Bill, hanging with C. Barry,
AND a trip to Fry's.

BTW, did anyone tell Barry to wear his propeller hat so we can
recognize him in the croud?  Poket protectors don't work so well
for ID down there unless you're very tall.

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