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Subject: DPRG: Re: Question for Experts
From: DP w008403 at airmail.net
Date: Mon Nov 1 02:36:14 CST 1999

At 04:42 PM 10/31/99 -0600, you wrote:
>> From: David Philip Anderson [mailto:dpa at io.isem.smu.edu]
>> Sent: Sunday, October 31, 1999 2:21 PM
>> It's the idea of generating a 3D (or even 2D) internal representation
>> of the world, and them attempting to use that model for navigation, of
>> which I'm doubtful.  Whether that model is created from video images
>> or sonar readings or whatever.
>This is where I *HOPE* to prove you wrong.  I intend to look at the
>contest maze from area A to see most of the cans and then plan the
>robot's path before it even leaves A to start the timer.  The previous
>sentence holds true even if the robot "sees" with sonar or a camera.

It has been done, admittedly in an "ideal" environment. Check out :
Gotta love those military grants. The animated gif is fascinating, but
nearly 900k in size. 

>> The problem I have encountered with this approach is that it 
>> will really only work in the DPRG contest space, twice a year at 
>> RoboFest.  The real world, where SR04 spends most of his waking
>> hours, is much too cluttered with stuff and moving objects to
>> make these on-the-fly measurements meaningful for navigation. 
>> I've found it more useful to have a known spot, a corner or
>> hallway for example, where the robot can calibrate its position.
>Because I have so far to go to catch SR04, I will be happy with
>only being able to beat SR04 in a "clean" environment like the
>contest maze.  Then, I'll move up to the cluttered real world.
>If it won't work in the contest maze, it will never work in the
>real world!
>I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again this Saturday.
>And since David keeps bringing the same tired old robot to 
>meeting after meeting, I guess it's OK for me to bring the
>same tired old robots with me!  :-)  :-)
>				- Dan

David Peterson

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