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DPRG: MPC555 Power has been found at

Subject: DPRG: MPC555 Power has been found at
From: Robert Posey robert.posey at worldnet.att.net
Date: Tue Nov 2 21:27:03 CST 1999

I found a MPC555 board at this website


A fully configured development system for the Motorola MPC555 PowerPC
Microcontroller. The system is Plug and Play with the supplied PB0555
Controller Module, Axiom Monitor in on-board EPROM, 128K x 32 (512K bytes)
Fast SRAM, 128K x 32 (512K bytes) Flash EPROM, Serial Cable, 9v 500ma Wall
Plug, printed hardware manual and the UTL555 Disk with programming
utilities, support software, source code and technical manuals . . . .

PB0555 - MPC555 Controller Module (installed)
Standard fixed memory: 128K x 32 Fast SRAM (12ns), 128K x 32 Flash EPROM
Two Configurable 32pin memory sockets for 32K to 2MByte PROM and 32K to
512KByte SRAM
32 Bit Bus support with 8 bit memory bank control
COM1 - SCI1 w/ RS232 type DB9-S Connection
COM2 - SCI2 w/ RS232 type DB9-P Connection
2 TouCAN Ports w/ transceivers (PCA82C250)
LCD Interface Connectors w/ Contrast Adjust, Memory Mapped (80 or 160
Keypad Interface Connector, 16 Key
Debug and JTAG Development connectors
All I/O connectorized in .1 grid to maximize use
Large Prototyping Areas
6 to 25VDC Input to 5V @ 4A Switching Supply and 3.3V @1.5A Power Supply
Easy configuration with Mode Switches and Option Jumpers

It should be faster than any thing other than perhaps a Strong Arm module,
I don't know of any reasonably priced version of it.  It does cost about
a P90 laptop might cost however.



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