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DPRG: Robotmag

Subject: DPRG: Robotmag
From: Jay Vlack vlack at bemail.com
Date: Thu Nov 4 13:22:30 CST 1999

I agree with you Bill. That's one of the reasons I didn't renew my subscription 
to RS&T beyond the initial 6 issues. They seem to have a hard time coming up 
with decent content. It's also annoying that it takes them so long to come out 
with a new issue. The gap between issues 5 & 6 was about 6 months! Give me a 

- --> Jay

> Was anyone else disappointed with Issue 6 of RS&T?  I just sent the editor
> an email expressing my dissatisfaction with this issue.
> They seem to be more fluff and less robots.
> Bill


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