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DPRG: This and that

Subject: DPRG: This and that
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Thu Nov 4 00:01:48 CST 1999

The insightful and ever helpful David Philip Anderson wrote:

> The industrious and persistent Dan M. writes:

[Man - this compliment stuff has got to stop before someone
 dies of laughter or some other bodily function.  :-) ]

> > David, is the rumor true that you are now out of code space and 
> > need to re-code some C to assembly to make room for new features?
> No rumor, its been true for a couple of years.  It's amazing how much
> you can cram into 32k if you really try.  But who wants to?  Not me.

Ah-ha!  So how much *TIME* has that huge floating point library
already cost you?  Not to mention how much MORE time you will need
to spend in the future.  I'm still sticking to my fixed point
library that *will be* done *someday* soon.  :-)

Now, just to save you the typing time, I'll add your reply:
  "Yeah, but SR04 works and Drilbert doesn't!"   :-)

> I love the robofly and slug eater!  Hey these guys are just 
> like us!  Only they've talked somebody into giving them
> alot of money.  Listen to the tenses of their sentences:
> > Robofly *will be* powered by the sun, and a
> > tiny device called a piezoelectric actuator
> > *will flap* its four puny wings 180 times a
> > second.                                           

We all just need to find the proper source of grant money!

> On a related note, did anybody see the Scientific American 
> robot special on PBS last night hosted by Alan Alda? 
> VERY interesting.  Anybody up for robot soccer?

In the *future* I *will be* *thinking about* *maybe* building
a robot soccer team to complete with.  How about you?

				- Dan


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