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DPRG: Re: Still more Questions for experts

Subject: DPRG: Re: Still more Questions for experts
Date: Thu Nov 4 10:28:32 CST 1999

)> DPA, you've inspired me to change my robot's name from PiddlyBot to
)> GodotBot. :)
)> Eric, when you get a chance, would you change my robot's name on the DPRG
)> web page?
)> Thanks,
)> -Danny-
)> snip
)> >(Mr. Godot?  No, he won't be able to be here today.  But tomorrow, I'm sure
)> >he'll be here tomorrow.)
)> snip
)Ok, I lost something, what is Mr. Godot?

There was a play written about a fellow waiting to meet another. The
play was entitled "Waiting for Godot". It is pronounced "guhDOH"
(standard american mispronunciation of French). The play itself was one
of the "Theater of the Absurd", intending to illustrate the
pointlessness and futility of life. Anyway, the guy is waiting for
Godot at a train station, and has some meaningless conversations with
some passersby. Eventually, he decides to hang himself in order to get
an erection, and does so. Thus ends the play. I can't recall the name
of the main character. We never meet Godot.

I suspect some puns were being made with a mispronunciation of Godot,
perhaps rhyming (or attempting to rhyme, anyway) with robot.

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