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DPRG: Illinois Contest

Subject: DPRG: Illinois Contest
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Fri Nov 5 00:05:41 CST 1999

I have been corresponding with Jim from Lynxmotion and he
pointed me to their up-coming contest.

  >>>> Check out their prize list! <<<<

Jim also mentioned that he would have (and will) donate stuff
for prizes at DPRG contests!

">>" is from Jim;  ">" is from me (Dan);  ...our email follows...
>> Hey, you guys really should e-mail me when you are having 
>> your contests.  I would have liked to send some give away
>> items. I just don't have time to subscribe to the e-mail
>> lists like I used to. Thanks, Jim
>THANKS!  We'll be sure to let you know for the next one!

Check out our web site for our club and upcoming contest. We got over
$1000.00 worth of stuff donated! http://www.circ.mtco.com

>So far we have had no prizes (just certificates) but there was 
>lots of talk about prizes for the next contest.  Currently
>scheduled for the first Saturday of March 2000.  BTW - another of 
>your kits (maybe the Carpet Rover?) built by Dennis Draham (sp?)
>did quite well in the contest.

Hey, got his e-mail address? Thanks, Jim

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