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DPRG: Meeting Report

Subject: DPRG: Meeting Report
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sat Nov 6 16:43:28 CST 1999

Date:        06 November 1999
Location:    Bill Priest Institute

Number of robots:    6
Number of people:    30

Clay opened the meeting (I was late) and took care of

A meeting Nov. 20th at The Science Place was announced
    We plan on trying to meet more often, perhaps twice a
    One meeting for business and one meeting for workshops
and projects

We had InnovationFirst from Greenville, TX. give a
presentation on their
almost indestructable HBridge, Victor 833.
    They had 4 high torque drill motors on a test be to try
and smoke their
    product. After 30 hours it still runs great. Their
product has survived
    thousands of FIRST kids using it so it is well proven

 ***Club buy***
- ------------------
We have a club buy going with InnovationFirst. Look on their
later next week and you will find a part number DPRG ###
that will be our special price of $105.00. Retail is $149.00
rising with success.

Tony has graciously *donated* two HBridges to the club and
agreed to list him on our website as a vendor "friend".
Thanks Tony!

We had show and tell next:
- ---------------------------
Clay found a control motor for his Z axis for his X,Y,Z
table. The guy had
22 old TI robot arms clay is going to try and get for the
club. They are
5 axis and one will make a nice demo. Perhaps we can get
theses and
use them for a continual display at The Science Place!
Thanks and good
luck getting them Clay. Holler if we can help!

Kaylee Jordan showed off her Parallax, Inc. BoE-Bot kit. She
started a week ago and has it moving.  I (Dad) sell them and
much better yet!    (www.robotfun.com or parallaxinc.com)

Dan Minor showed us his Dogbert Linxmotion 4 legged he
Also, he had an Arrick Trilobot chassis with lots of mods,
sonar, special
controller, etc. It ran in circles looking for walls, but
proves to be a
formable advesary soon.

Two young people competing in BEST and winning a shot at the

State competition demoed  their R/C robot It was designed
build in 6 weeks to bick upto 6 tennis balls at once and
deliver them
into a "space ship" model on the launch platform. The wheels
had spikes
belts and four wheel drive and could crawl over 4 inch PVC
Good luck in the competition at A&M!

Lots of new people visiting. Welcome All! Let us know if we
help. And remember the club motto, "It's harder than it

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG Secretary '99


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