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DPRG: Meeting Report

Subject: DPRG: Meeting Report
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Sun Nov 7 18:38:55 CST 1999

> Dan Miner showed us his Dogbert - a Lynxmotion Quadrapod 
> (4 legged robot) he modified.  Also, he had an Arrick
> Trilobot chassis with lots of mods, sonar, special controller,
> etc.  It ran in circles looking for walls, but proves to be
> a formable advesary soon.

Well, as is typical, I brought Frankenstein home Saturday 
night, set it in my practice maze, turned it on and it ran
2 full laps perfectly.  No spinning circles, no confusion.
Grrr...  I've got to get that bug squashed.  I'm working on
it tonight!

			- Dan "someday it will work" Miner


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