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DPRG: Membership and Ming Mod.

Subject: DPRG: Membership and Ming Mod.
From: barry jordan barry_jordan at email.msn.com
Date: Mon Nov 8 07:10:09 CST 1999

John Walter wrote:
>I asked for and sent checks for 6 Tx/Rx pairs ($60) and for my
>membership ($15) back in <June?>.  The checks cleared my bank in August
>according to my statement.  I'm not surprised if something got lost -
>since I've waited so long to try to get them.

John, Jim, and Robert,

The $75 John sent us is in the Bank.
$15 for prorated membership and $60 for ming modules.
Can someone send him his modules, please.

Barry Jordan
Happy Trails To You


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