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DPRG: Intersil PWM chip (CDP68HC68W1)

Subject: DPRG: Intersil PWM chip (CDP68HC68W1)
From: DP w008403 at airmail.net
Date: Mon Nov 8 17:36:24 CST 1999

Newark at http://www.newark.com/ has them at $2.54 each. Arrow at
http://www.arrow.com/index2.html has them at $2.19 each. And of course
there's that wonderful shipping. Others have the part but at quantity 50 or
1000 order. According to Intersil, even Allied should have it (in Fort
Worth) but a web search brought nothing. Might call though. (817) 595-3500.
>Recently someone on the list recommended the Intersil (Harris) CDP68HC68W1
as a 
>nice PWM generator chip. I pulled the data sheet from www.intersil.com but
>having a hard time finding a supplier for this chip. None of my usual mail 
>order places (JDR, DigiKey, BG Micro) seems to carry it. Does anyone know
>you can get this part (preferably via mailorder)? Thanks.
>--> Jay

David Peterson

mailto:w008403 at airmail.net


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