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DPRG: Linx RF Modules

Subject: DPRG: Linx RF Modules
Date: Wed Nov 10 09:09:03 CST 1999

It seems that at least two people responded that one must have
purchased an evaluation kit. Well, $139 is not a lot of money, and I
can understand their position. The evaluation kit comes with 2
xmitters, 2 rcvrs, 2 antennas, two evaluation boards, 1 each manual for
xmitter and for rcvr, Part 15 Guidelines, and tech support. That sounds
like a lot for $139. The transmitters, receivers, and antennas alone go
for $44.80. The evaluation boards are probably worth at least $10 each,
bringing just the hardware (not counting manuals and tech. suppt.) to

Also, at least two responded that they had used the modules and found
that they work as advertised, at least for range. One said that he had
gotten them through a prof, another said that he used them on one of
his current 'bots. Perhaps the latter has bought a kit, and we could
get them through him.

If not, let's consider a group buy. If 10 people join in, then the
eval. kit costs us $14 each. We let one of us play with it for 2 weeks
to see whether we can actually get the performance they claim, and
satisfy ethics, then go for another buy of the modules.

I'm somewhat nonplussed by the statement made by one that one can only
get up to 300 baud. They *claim* a direct serial interface, and up to
5Kbps for the inexpensive ($5.60xmit,$11.80rcv) set.

The 300 foot range looks ideal for my application.

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