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DPRG: Linx RF Modules

Subject: DPRG: Linx RF Modules
From: Rob Staph rstaph at geocities.com
Date: Wed Nov 10 09:37:06 CST 1999

> If not, let's consider a group buy. If 10 people join in, then the
> eval. kit costs us $14 each. We let one of us play with it for 2 weeks
> to see whether we can actually get the performance they claim, and
> satisfy ethics, then go for another buy of the modules.

I'd do it. So you only need 9 more people ;)  I've been wanting to play with
a set of the high end linx modules.. the 900 Mhz HPII - series.  I could put
their 1/4 mile range to use but the evaluation kit is 299$...

- -Rob Staph


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