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DPRG: Linx RF Modules

Subject: DPRG: Linx RF Modules
From: Patrick O'Malley pomalley at mlr.ufl.edu
Date: Wed Nov 10 23:18:55 CST 1999

    These LX (I think) modules are really nice. I've seen them work at very close
(<10') at 9600. 4800 is very stable within a room. Error correction protocols are
a must, though. Walls do limit the range quite a bit.
    Don't get the helical antenna! Much too directional for most purposes. The
$.25 whip works great.

    It is but isn't a direct serial interface. If I remember correctly, because
RS232 uses active-low logic, the transmit signals coming out of voltage level
converter are going to be high when the serial data isn't being sent. Because the
modules are carrier detect, this means that the carrier is constantly being sent.
Of course, the other end does the same deal so it doesn't matter -- except to the
FCC. Better to put an inverter in there.


MIKE MCCARTY -- 93789 wrote:

> I'm somewhat nonplussed by the statement made by one that one can only
> get up to 300 baud. They *claim* a direct serial interface, and up to
> 5Kbps for the inexpensive ($5.60xmit,$11.80rcv) set.
> The 300 foot range looks ideal for my application.
> Mike


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