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DPRG: Linx RF Modules

Subject: DPRG: Linx RF Modules
Date: Thu Nov 11 09:15:36 CST 1999

)    These LX (I think) modules are really nice. I've seen them work at very close
)(<10') at 9600. 4800 is very stable within a room. Error correction protocols are

10 feet? They claim > 300 feet. I *already* have Ming stuff that is good to
about 10 feet. That's useless. I want at least 100 feet.

)a must, though. Walls do limit the range quite a bit.
)    Don't get the helical antenna! Much too directional for most purposes. The
)$.25 whip works great.
)    It is but isn't a direct serial interface. If I remember correctly, because
)RS232 uses active-low logic, the transmit signals coming out of voltage level

Note: Serial is not the same as RS-232.

)converter are going to be high when the serial data isn't being sent. Because the
)modules are carrier detect, this means that the carrier is constantly being

RS-232 is active high except for the data lines, which are active low.

)Of course, the other end does the same deal so it doesn't matter -- except to the
)FCC. Better to put an inverter in there.

I really don't care about the FCC. I *do* care about interference. I
want to have several units responding to different codes. If all are
transmitting all the time, that won't work.

)    Patrick

MIKE MCCARTY -- 93789 wrote:

> I'm somewhat nonplussed by the statement made by one that one can only
> get up to 300 baud. They *claim* a direct serial interface, and up to
> 5Kbps for the inexpensive ($5.60xmit,$11.80rcv) set.
> The 300 foot range looks ideal for my application.
> Mike


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