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DPRG: Future contests

Subject: DPRG: Future contests
From: GeoLove at aol.com GeoLove at aol.com
Date: Fri Nov 12 23:49:49 CST 1999

In a message dated 11/12/99 11:39:52 PM Central Standard Time, 
rljordan at airmail.net writes:

<< That is most of My Robot goal for the new year!
 Whada ya think?
 Too ambitious?
 Other want to help me organize, put togather
 the info and handouts, or present?
 Robert L. Jordan
 DPRG Secretary 1999 >>
Hi, Robert, I agree with your statements, and while I am newly introduced to 
Boe-bots by you would very much appreciate a simple, hands on class, can 
travel to the Dallas area and would like to help you if you could use any 
long distance assistance from Waco.  Let me know how things stand after the 
group decides and I wil stay in touch.  

Thanks for the suggestions and being the drive behind a good idea.

George Love
geolove at aol.com


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