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DPRG: Science Place Meeting Saturday

Subject: DPRG: Science Place Meeting Saturday
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Thu Nov 18 07:11:06 CST 1999


I plan on bringing a table that I call the
Table Top Arenas. It can be setup for
use in several different ways to test
small robots of to have Table Top
contest. I'll bring a few to robots to
show ir off.

Also, I will have a few pictures of how
to construct and use this simple table.

Clay, Would you pencil me in on the
schedule? Thanks.

Would it be immodest of me to say I
would like to be a DPRG officer again.
Ya'll have made it a lot of fun in 99 so
may I do it again?

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG Secretary 1999


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