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DPRG: Sheet Aluminum Group Buy?

Subject: DPRG: Sheet Aluminum Group Buy?
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Thu Nov 18 23:26:05 CST 1999

I'll buy one. I can get it at the meeting or give to
James as I can easily get from him.
I'll pay you as you like.

Robert L. Jordan
(972) 278-7626

Jamie Merrill wrote: ir

> To All:
> James Vroman has been trying to find a good deal on large
> pieces (24" x 24") of 1/4" or 3/16" aluminum. Most places
> were wanting to charge by the square inch, and quoting
> anywhere from $59 to $89 for the large size he needed.
> Well, I talked to a friend who quoted me $30 each for (2)
> and $25 each for (4).
> Anyone else interested in good robot material?
> If we get the quantity up, I'm sure the price will get even
> better.
> I'm not sure if the quoted price was the 3/16" or the 1/4",
> but as soon as I see what kind of bargaining power we can
> muster up, I negotiate our best deal.
> If you are interested, reply to the list with the thickness
> you would prefer and possible pieces you might need. At this
> price they did specify that an order had to be in EVEN
> pieces, so they wouldn't be left with a 24" inch square
> (scrap to them).
> I'm definitely going to buy some.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Jamie Merrill           2       (3/16" - 24" x 24")
> -----------------------------------------------------
> unless someone can find a better price!
> Jamie Merrill
> stretec at swbell.net  http://www.stretec.com


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