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DPRG: Science Place Meeting

Subject: DPRG: Science Place Meeting
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sun Nov 21 23:48:58 CST 1999

Meeting Report

Date:    Saturday Nov 20, 1999
Place    The Science Place
Time:    9:30-11:30

* We had a "second Meeting" this month so we could check out
the facilities. They are great. The room has tables, chairs,
cabinets counters around the walls, a VCR, a computer and TV
projector in the ceiling with a big screen up front behind
the small stage. This is a very nice place for workshops and

* We watched a video of the contest for the first part of
the meeting.

* Robert Jordan brought a Table Top Arena to show. It was a
brown folding table 30" by 60" with 6" white walls. We built
several mazes and paths for the 5 small robots to negotiate.
Quick change and easy setup makes this a good tool for
testing the code.

* James Vroman had a small compliant gripper modeled
after an idea from Roger Arrick in a real old DPRG
newsletter. Great for a 2 oz. coke can :-) or other small

* Some discussion was had on how to use the Science Place
basement room for meetings. Perhaps meet there before the
regular meetings for construction and such. They want to
"Demystify Science" so we feel that the new "digs" will be a
good fit for lots of our activity. No decisions were made.

* Robert Jordan offered to present training on preplanned
robot topics if their is interest. Each workshop would
produce a major part of a robot like an R/C servo motor with
wheels, sensors, line follower, etc.

* We discussed keeping better records of our group buys. To
list what we have left and what is still for sale. We
reittereted that club buys should break even.

* All wanted the Meeting and event schedules to be posted
well in advance with a description of the planned activity
and the meeting date, time, and location. We are still on
track to meet at the BPI institute the First Saturday of
each month, except holiday months. (See below)

* Officers: The present officers were nominated for their
present offices;
 Clay Timmons Pres
 Eric Yundt  VP
 Barry Jordan  Treasurer
 Robert Jordan Sec.

- -Clay, Barry, and Robet agreed to run again. Eric was
unavailable to ask.

- -We will vote on the new officers at the Dec. meeting
scheduled for Dec. 4 12:00 - 2:00 at the Bill Priest

- -We decided to take other nominations for officers by EMail
sent to the Secretary.

- -Absentee Email nomination of officers due postmarked by
midnight Nov. 26, 1999

- -Absentee Email voting to be postmarked by midnight Dec 3,

- -Send Nominations and Voting to rljordan at airmail.net

* Clay brought some show-and-tell from BG Micro's moving
sale and his travels in California. Lots of small parts for
only a few bucks.

* We were offered free passes of the Science Place after the
meeting by Lynn and several of us stayed for the fun.

* Next meeting time and place:
    Bill Priest Institute
    December 4, 1999 First Saturday of the month.
    January      8, 2000 as Sat. the 1st is a holiday.


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