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DPRG: Science Place Meeting

Subject: DPRG: Science Place Meeting
From: Ralph Tenny rten at metronet.com
Date: Mon Nov 22 11:26:09 CST 1999

What does "compliant" mean in this context? I saw the gripper and it
appears to work well, but I missed the commentary.

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Robert L. Jordan wrote:

> Meeting Report
> Date:    Saturday Nov 20, 1999
> Place    The Science Place
> Time:    9:30-11:30

> * James Vroman had a small compliant gripper modeled
> after an idea from Roger Arrick in a real old DPRG
> newsletter. Great for a 2 oz. coke can :-) or other small
> objects.


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