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DPRG: More info on circuit

Subject: DPRG: More info on circuit
From: john.r.strohm at bix.com john.r.strohm at bix.com
Date: Tue Nov 23 12:26:54 CST 1999

>Since the motor is near the axis, I want only two wires going to it from 
>other parts of the robot 
>I have the primary direction control on the other end of the wires (but I 
>don't mind hacking in to the motor side of the wires)
>I also only want to use two RadioShack SPDT lever switches as the limiters 
>(one on each side)
>If I overshoot moving the elbow, I want the limit switches to stop movement
>in that direction BUT also allow it to move in the *other* direction.

OK, with those requirements, the problem is harder.  I'm down sick right
now and, as a result, not competent to do design work.  I'll probably think
about it some in a week or so if no one else has provided a solution.

My first reaction is that what you want to do can't be done with a simple
center-off DPDT switch for your control panel.


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