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DPRG: small PC

Subject: DPRG: small PC
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Tue Nov 23 22:21:00 CST 1999

Small PC fans check this out!
1. Stanford Wearable Computing Laboratory

2. Stanford Interactive Workspaces Project
> (http://www-graphics.stanford.edu/projects/iwork)
> Stanford has built a room with several different types of
> including PDA's, smart whiteboards, an interactive table,
and several
> computers. They are interested in using Bluetooth
technology to
> help build an infrastructure that allows these different
types of devices
> to talk to eachother. One example is a user could
conceptually "copy"
> information on the whiteboard, pick up his/her PDA, and
"paste" the
> information on the PDA.

Robert L. Jordan


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