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DPRG: something to chew on. alternate use for chips

Subject: DPRG: something to chew on. alternate use for chips
From: Robert Singleton slugmusk at alias.flash.net
Date: Wed Nov 24 10:23:48 CST 1999

cbrenizer wrote:
> i thought i'd found a perfect robotics chip.  but the 132 pin package makes
> it less of a hobby chip than others.
> the National system controller chip ns32fx100 is designed for embedded use
> in fax machines.  it features an interface for two stepper motors, a CCD
> scanner, UART, interrupts, 37 i/o pins, memory, timer, touch-tone, etc....
> it does bring to mind the possibilities of fax/printer/other support chips
> that would work perfectly well in robotic systems.

In doing robotics chip research, I found a number of chips from ST
Electronics that used a common CPU core and a variety of I/O. One of the
most impressive had 30-someodd PWM outputs and was designed for use in
digitally controlled video monitors. They also make a number of
processors with built-in CAN bus and high current H-bridges for use as
intelligent controllers for automotive devices like power windows and
locks, etc...  


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