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From: Bryan Andersen bryan at visi.com
Date: Wed Nov 24 17:41:17 CST 1999

MIKE MCCARTY -- 93789 wrote:
> What causes that? Is it the lower mobility of the charge carriers
> (holes) in P type material?

No, the amount of research done to make the parts with lower on 
resistances.  The truth be told, there really souldn't be a 
difference.  It's just that there is less demand for P-Channel 
devices.  Ie. not as much money spent on research on them.

> )I might also add that the N-channel MOSFETs have a MUCH lower "on" resistance
> )than a comparable P-channel device thus causing the P-channel device to dissipate
> )MUCH more power and thus heat.  To buy a comparable P-channel device with lower
> )"on" resistance is what costs all of the money.
> )
> )Larry Kerns

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