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DPRG: h bridge?

Subject: DPRG: h bridge?
From: Coron, Bill BCoron at rudolphtech.com
Date: Mon Nov 29 07:42:27 CST 1999

If your wheelchair base came with any electronics (controller and joystick)
it has the necessary circuitry to move the base.  Try hacking it at the
point of the joystick.  I used to work for a wheelchair company and I made
many different interfaces to accommodate the needs of the people receiving
the equipment.  Some times with a BS2 as a controller.  All we did was
remove the inductive joystick and replace it with a voltage divider to fool
the circuit.
What kind of wheelchair is it.  Make and model may make it easier for me to
give you specifics.

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Subject: DPRG: h bridge?

hell to all on the dprg list
I have just acquired the base of an old electric wheel chair and would like
to use it as the motorised base for my projects.
the two motors are rated at 24volts and 8 amps.
I would like to use a micro controller ( basic stamp 2) to control the
my question is this:
has anyone made an h-bridge capable of handling these voltages and amps or
dose anyone have any suggestions on how I might go about controlling this
any input would be greatly appreciated.
remember, without something there is no nothing
john foster
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