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DPRG: many many links

Subject: DPRG: many many links
From: cbrenizer cbrenizer at mail.trib.net
Date: Mon Nov 29 19:10:33 CST 1999

pardon me if someone's already posted this URL.

but if you haven't already, do a keyword search for robot, robotics, etc...


although i found it a little bit confusing. even though it opens a selected
link in a new window, the original page also changes.  listing related sites
to your selected link.  making it an extra step to go back and find that
site that always catches your eye as the browser jumps to a new page.

i suppose that's easy enough to get used to.

it appeared to list quite a few sites, well, from what i could tell before i
got confused...8p

cbrenizer at mail.trib.net


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