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DPRG: check for shirts

Subject: DPRG: check for shirts
From: Eric Yundt eric at facetcorp.com
Date: Wed Sep 1 09:43:47 CDT 1999


Wade A Smith wrote:
> Well, since I have about the same tummy size as Jim & Eric
> (unless yall been on diets since last I saw ya) I 'spoze 
> I should go along with the better judgement of Jim & Eric
> and say "XL" -- the price is the same, so, it shouldn't be
> a problem.
> wade

That's more like it!

I was thinking to myself when I saw your "L" request...  Man! 
That steady diet of flour-dough that Wade keeps talking about
must REALLY be working!   ;-)

BTW, did you notice that we're trying to hijack one of the keen
Robo-sub dudes from your area?  He is/was on the Subjugator team
>from UF.

- --


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