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DPRG: pepsi-kid-around left overs

Subject: DPRG: pepsi-kid-around left overs
From: Jim Brown jim_brown at adc.com
Date: Tue Sep 7 08:32:29 CDT 1999

I believe that everyone who volunteered for Pepsi-kid-around had
a wonderful time.  Danny Black said it best: "This is for the
kids!"  We had so many kids that seemed to have a great time
playing with all of the robot gadgets we had.  We had the Rhino
Robot Arm, Bill James brought the tr...er, um B-bot2 with
a cool video interface, Alan brought his otto-bot which handed out
candy to the kids, all of the little kids loved the r2d2 bot - I'm
surprised it lasted as well as it did, and James brought his line
following robots (I hear), Ed and James Koffeman brought the RAD
robot and lots of other cool gizmos too numerous to name, and there
was Trilobot, and a T-Shirt raffle and wow I'm sure I'm forgetting
to mention all of the other great things we had there.  One special
mention and special thanks goes to Delynda (Kip's Fianc'e) for
volunteering all four days!  She was a real trooper!  She even
brought a standup fan which really helped on those >100 degree
days (even the 91 degree day for that matter)!  I don't think
there was too many robots that died at this pepsi-kid-around,
so maybe there's still a chance for the contest!  Overall, I'd
say the pepsi-kid-around this year was tons better than last year
(last year's was good too, by the way).  I can't wait until next
year to see how we top ourselves!  Hey, this is for the kids!

A lot of the left overs of pepsi-kid-around ended up in my car
and Ed's van.  There was one point were we thought that someone
had stolen one of our cool DPRG signs that bradly made, but
come to find out, the sign was face down in the grass and someone
(probably me) put a box on top of it and duct tape glue that was
still on the back of the sign caused it to stick to the bottom of
the box.  When the box was picked up, the sign was gone.  After 
saying our "bummers" about someone stealing it, I noticed later 
a little white sliver under the box, and there was the sign stuck
to the bottom of the box by duct tape residual glue.  :)

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