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DPRG: Fwd: DS80C320 hardware group buy announcement

Subject: DPRG: Fwd: DS80C320 hardware group buy announcement
From: Wade A Smith warm38 at juno.com
Date: Thu Sep 16 04:38:25 CDT 1999

Any 8052 enthusiasts out there interested? I'm sure Charles won't
mind -- the more the merrier (and cheaper).   8-)

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Subject: DS80C320 hardware group buy announcement
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 15:52:18 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi all,

I am in the process of designing a board that will use the Dallas
DS80C320.  It
will have 4 memory sockets that will be able to support a total of about
configurations covering both Van Neuman and Harvard architectures.  The
clock source
will be an 22.1184mHz oscillator instead of a crystal so that can be
easily.  All of the data and address bus is fed out to a connector with
/WE /RD lines. There are provisions for 8K of I/O space with 2 decoded
selects.  Port 1 and most of port 3 are also on the I/O connector.  One
interface will be supported.  This board will also support flash memory,
that programs can be permanently stored without an eprom burner.  All of
schematics and board layouts will be made available, as well as complete
assembly instructions.  I am also planning to offer a programmed EPROM
with a
monitor and the software to support the flash memory.  The memory
decoding is
handled with a 22V10 PLA, it will be a part of the board, not the parts

I want this to be a complete and versatile 8052 software development

I plan to offer this board across several news groups via a "group buy". 
is a group buy?  It means that you get the stuff at cost + shipping. 
This is
the procedure:

1. Finish and prototype the board to make sure that it performs according

2. Get bids on the boards, parts kits, and software duplication services
on the assumption that 100 boards and parts kits will be ordered.  This
will be
the approximate price on the stuff.  The final price will be based on the
numbers.  If there are more orders, then the final price will be less. 
pricing will be the cost of the item rounded up to the nearest dollar. 
will be shipping cost as well.  I think that the total cost of a CPU
board and
parts kit will be well under $100 USD.

3. Make a list of people on the net that are interested in the device.

4. After a predetermined period of time, I will stop taking new orders
establish an exact price on the boards and parts kits.

5. At this point every one will need to mail in funds drawn on a US bank.
People will have about 30 days to get it sent in.  People who don't pay
by the
deadline are removed from the list.  (a little flexibility here)

6. Next the stuff is ordered, kitted and shipped.  I also plan to offer
assembled boards.  Assembly and testing will cost about $20 per board.

Why would I want to go to all of this effort for free?  Well..... It's
_strictly_ for free.  I will arrange the pricing so that I get 4 boards
"free".  This is a board that I want to use to help support my robotics
I am also planning a couple of I/O boards, too.  One will have 2 8255
PIOs and
16 interrupt sources, and another will have about 16 channels of A/D
conversion, and a real time clock.  They will all fit in the same form
(not determined yet) and will use the same data and power connectors.  I
also planning a battery monitor board that will be in a different form

If you are interested in participating in the group buy, or if you would
to have more information, please contact me via email.  Unless I get an
overwhelming "shut the *&^#@$*& up!", I will post progress reports on the
design.  If you have a certain I/O need that you would like to see
(pun intended), let me know.  This project is still in the design phase,
changes are possible.

Have fun,
Charles Tilbury
Houston, TX

PS: Sorry about the length of this message.

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