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DPRG: Meeting Agenda Sat 9-18

Subject: DPRG: Meeting Agenda Sat 9-18
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Fri Sep 17 11:52:01 CDT 1999

         Dallas Personal Robotics Group
            Monthly Meeting Agenda
              Saturday  Sept. 18th 12 noon - 2pm
              Bill Priest Institute
              (see www.dprg.org for  directions)

News:  Pepsi Kid Around
           Twin Cities Robot Group
           Science Place -  exhibit, contest, demonstrations

Guest:  Meridith Willingham from the Science Place will be visiting our
           She is the coordinator for voulnteer groups such as DPRG.
           Discussion topics include -  helping set up the robotics
           contest details, and voulnteer robotics demonstrations.
           (Note that I am currently stuck in NY due to hurricane
canceled flights
            and I have not been able to confirm that Meridith can make

Trial Robot Runs:  Contest is 1 month away. Serious contestants should
                             have something working by now.  Bring it
and test
                             it out before the big contest.

Show and Tell:  Bring your work in progress and share it with the group.

See ya there,  (assuming I can get out of NY today!)

- -Clay Timmons-


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